Best Business Ideas – How to Build a Voice and Last Business

Many businesses appear every time and, unfortunately, the biggest part of them dies even before being born in reality. The other section disappears in the first one-two years and only a few opponents of time and grow. No doubt every business has an inspiring idea that triggers the enthusiasm of its entrepreneurs.

Often it happens to me – and maybe for you too – to find a blog or website only abandoned by the owner. Only a few lines, or some articles, several links and affiliate ads, and then, no more.

It is interesting that I found in this situation even internet marketing blog. Initially aimed at tracking the success of online owners, this blog included challenges launched for their visitors to participate. After several posts spread on a few weeks, there were several enthusiastic comments and then, no more.

For Googling people for online business opportunities there can be found broad advice about doing internet business: Find a niche, create a small blog or website, write several articles on topics, and enter several affiliate links and then, some ads. They say that such formulas can bring monthly income of $ 100, $ 200 or, in lucky cases, even more than $ 1,000 per only one mini website.

Most internet marketing beginners show great interest in this business model found it as a good idea to make them build ‘some revenue streams’ and live a life life.

No doubt, the niche site can bring good monthly income. Wake up the carefully selected niche where the owner has real interests, this business model can be a good choice for developing a good online business.

But the problem is that most entrepreneurs think that if you repeat the formula ten times or twenty times, and place it in autopilot, you don’t need to work again in the future. If we multiply $ 200 times, mathematics shows a good number of $ 4,000 (when conservative!). We can even increase the number of mini sites at 50 – in this case, we really have Holy Grail!

Unfortunately, it’s not like that.

Business, regardless of whether they are online or offline, working on their old rules that are unrelenting.

Just imagine what will happen if you open 20 or even different offline stores: one shoe store in One Street, another clothing store on another street, a grocery store elsewhere, then bakery, bookstore, and so on. How can you manage it? And what will happen when a big department store or supermarket come in that area? How can you compete with them?

The same thing happens in the online business environment. The only difference is the amount of investment needed to start. When opening an offline store means investing several thousand dollars, the niche site only requires a few dozens of dollars in the worst case.

Going on this formula, you only spread valuable resources in several directions that lose focus and become vulnerable to every change in the market.

So, if you want to make a living from your business, the only way is to properly work to build a system around a single business proposal aimed at certain customer groups. You also have to know your customers, connect with them, give them the products they need and hope to receive from you.

You can’t do that working on some different ideas and markets.

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