Business Success: seven business rules to be followed in your practice

So many of us enter our practice field because we love what we do – we have real desires for our field of expertise. Or we want to serve and make a difference in the lives of others; We feel a true call for our profession. Many of us decide to become a solo professional because we value our freedom and the opportunity to become our own boss. We also see becoming a professional Solo as an opportunity to earn income that can support the type of lifestyle we want.

All these reasons are value-based and they are really a very good reason to take the role of solo professionals. But these values ​​alone do not make successful and profitable practices. Our practice is more than just expressions of our values ​​- our practice is also a business. And all businesses must follow the same trade rules whether they shop large boxes, fast food restaurants, internet-based companies or single owners. Do not know this rule or think that they do not apply to your business – a practice – can make you not reach the level you want. Some business rules are:

You must be very clear about who you serve (aka “target market”).
You must continue to find clients or customers in this target market.
You must have a way to consistently reach and stay in touch with your target market.
You must offer products and services for your target market needs and desire.
You must have several ways to serve your target market.
You must keep in touch with trends and changes in your target market
You must explain to your target market why you are unique and why is the best choice among your competitors.
So, if you haven’t already done it, it’s time to start thinking about yourself as a business owner, not just as a professional solo, solo practitioner, doctor, etc. These are two hats that you will always use as long as you are a professional solo; This is a change in the paradigm you have to make. This role as a business owner and professionals are not compatible and one is no more careful than others; It’s just the two must be present to have a successful and profitable practice.

And once you see yourself in these two roles, you must start taking action as a business owner. These actions go beyond making records of good practice, maintaining accurate financial records and paying taxes – all of which are very necessary and important – this action is related to promoting your business sustainably and generating income in many ways in your practice.

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