Cellphone technology that lies liar

Lying is everywhere.

At present, religion and fear goes to hell is not enough to stop millions of us from lying. We believe that lying is just bad when confirmed. This leads the business group of biotechnology doctoral students, from leading universities in Europe to conduct research and experiment on how to easily detect lies. Their findings revealed that the students had changed for a few seconds after people said lies. Even though some people can control their body movements and facial expressions when they lie, they cannot consciously control changes to their eyes! Doctoral students decided to test their findings on a scale far greater than the initial experiments carried out at one hundred student students.

Students know that the device they have to develop to detect lies must be everywhere like the liar itself. So what’s everywhere today like lying? The answer comes quickly, cellphone! So Franciso Algrave (Group Software Engineer) decided to develop software that can be easily uploaded on mobile devices that will calculate changes in the Mata Mata. People who only need to take pictures of people b with your camera when people b “don’t talk or communicate with someone”. Another image must be taken right after the person responded to the question. The first picture taken for comparison only needs to be taken once and can be stored on the phone for future use.

Cellular truth or brave?

After using some volunteers, technology quickly gained fame on campus and

More than 7,000 students download the application from the University website.

This has become part of a student pop culture because of cellular truth or courage often played at university parties. Until now, this technology is only considered a fun application.

Online dating technology and cellular?

Although, the group is still busy improving software to make it more accurate because the current accuracy only falls to around 80%; The group is now eager to develop other applications for their technology. The group is experimenting on calculations to assess the honesty of the people of their web cam video. How do we know from the video introduction that people are serious to enter long-term or marriage relationships? How are you sure that people don’t just say those beautiful things, for fast sling?

The sample group of 20 people was asked to make video recognition and instructed randomly to lie or tell the truth. To increase accuracy of up to 90%, this group is also learning how to develop applications that will use sound technology and eye technology to determine the honesty of communication web cam video.

Cellular truth technology for parents?

Can you use this technology to find out whether their children skip school? Having sex? Have unco condoms? or match in drugs? The group was hesitant to market their technology to parents because they realized that trust and traditional communication methods “Regular conversations with your love” is still the best parenting technology.

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