Cooking Lobster – Removing General Myths

There are so many myths about lobster cooking. Lobster can look scary with the antenna and claws. When you first see it, you might think “I can’t possibly cook this”. You might be squeamish. You may have heard stories where people claim that they have heard the lobster shout and see lobster twitching in pain.

You don’t even need to worry. Lobster not and can’t shout, you see they don’t have vocal chords. So how can they shout? This is what might happen. Steam is built under a shell. And when this steam starts escaping from under the shell, it’s likely to make a sound. It’s like a whistle sound. This is what people heard and thought that the lobster was crying.

Another thing you might worry about is if you cause pain to lobster while cooking it. Don’t worry – you don’t cause pain. A study funded by the Norwegian government, has found that the lobster nervous system is very simple. And because the nervous system is very simple, it cannot process or feel pain. Of course, there are people who think otherwise. But from your scientific perspective do not cause pain by cooking lobster.

When you put the lobster in boiling water (which is the easiest way to cook it), lobster does not twitch in pain. It doesn’t feel pain and it’s not boiled. As soon as the lobster is in boiling water, he dies almost instantly. It doesn’t live when it’s boiled. You might see twitch tails for a while, but this does not mean that it is still alive. This is really a muscle contraction.

This is the most common myth about cooking lobster. Believe this is true many people move away from this delicious and nutritious food. Now you know they are not right, please cook your lobster.

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