Decade of company resource planning technology

In this age technology and age, most companies successfully use ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning). This innovative and complex product allows companies from all sizes and in different industries to effectively streamline and automate almost all of their internal processes, and communicate effectively with entities outside the organization. While ERP is probably a tool that is increasingly common in modern business, not always like that.

How ERP starts

ERP technology was first developed in the 1980s with software made by a company called McBa. These products consist of each module, each of which is designed to automate certain business accounting functions, such as account debt, receivables, ledgers, etc. At first, this software module was intended to be run on a PC, because most companies only apply personal computers at that time.

A short time after the MCBA module first appeared on the market, one of the first ERP products first became available: Macola Accounting Software or Ice Macola, as is known today. Although still designed to be used on personal computers, these modules offer a more comprehensive business software solution.

Then, in the 1990s, large-scale computer systems began to be more ordinary in business. Just like a computer forward, so is ERP technology. During the decade, Macola Ice expanded the choice of ERP products, each designed to run on a large computer system. That’s when the development of Macola and other variations of ERP Macola products appear. Not long before many other companies began to develop their own ERP products.

At present, ERP technology is used to streamline and automate only about any business tasks that you can think of in almost every department in an organization. ERP is used not only for accounting tasks, but also for sales and marketing, inventory management, manufacturing and production, human resources, and more.

What can be done by ERP technology for your company

If you haven’t traveled to an amazing world of ERP technology, you will be surprisingly pleasant. Chances are, you currently use a variety of software products for various departments in your company – one for accounting, perhaps others for marketing and still others for warehousing and control inventory, etc. While each different system might function properly on them having, communicating effectively between different software packages can be challenging if it is not possible. One of the biggest benefits of ERP technology – whether it’s the development of Macola or a large number of other ERP products available – is its ability to allow various types of software to communicate back and forth, allowing various departments to function together.

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