Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Selling on Amazon comes with strict rules and regulations. Without this, it will be difficult to track thousands of sellers across the application. Amazon tries to preserve its quality in the marketplace by regulating the sellers to keep over 2 billion monthly buyers happy.

Amazon authorities have a set of listings that need to be checked while you register for the seller account. Violation of any policy will lead to the suspension of it. Though it is not the end of the world, as many services help to revive your account. For instance, appeal guru reviews will assist you in writing the perfect appeal.

What Are The Main Seller Policies Of Amazon?

Before registering, you should know about the Amazon policies that you need to maintain to avoid amazon suspension appeal. Some of the policies or code of conduct are as follows:

  • You have to provide accurate information about the product that you are selling to Amazon and customers.
  • You should refrain from misusing the features and services of Amazon.
  • You should not attempt to damage other seller’s ratings or listings.
  • You should not attempt to control the genuine reviews or ratings of the customers.
  • You should not open multiple seller accounts in Amazon without a legitimate business need.

Keeping these factors in mind can be tricky. Hiring appeal guru reviews services can help manage your activity.

Why Was My Account Suspended?

There are two types of suspension, account suspension and listing suspension. The latter has no specific reasons. However, knowing the reason behind account suspension will help you write a good amazon suspension appeal. The three major reasons are:

Poor performance of more than 1% order defect rate can lead to suspension of accounts. This means the seller’s orders have received negative feedback. It can be in terms of ratings from customers or a report of an issue.

Other factors also come under this such as too many order cancellations, late shipments, and deliveries of products.

1.  Violations Of Seller Code Of Conduct

As mentioned earlier, infringement of the Amazon seller policies is the most common cause of account suspension. It prevents scammers and fake sellers from selling products in the marketplace. Most of the policies are pretty obvious which should be easy for most followers to follow.

2.  Selling Of Prohibited Items Under Amazon Policy

You cannot sell alcohol, animals and related products, drugs, and related things such as tobacco, FDA-unapproved dietary supplements among others. The presence of these items will lead to the suspension of your account.

What Can You Do After Account Suspension?

As long as your seller account is not terminated or banned, you can write appeals to Amazon for revival. After the suspension, you will get a mail with the reason which you need to include in your appeal. The best practice is to hire appeal guru reviews services for guiding you in the process. Apart from this, the service will also offer you a sales boost, suspension prevention, and regular account health checks.

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