How HR can utilise workplace drug tests for a better work environment

In every work environment, it is important to make sure employees and managers are working together to perform their appropriate tasks. With all kinds of business goals to meet, it is important to make sure everyone is able to perform their duties while being of sound mind and body.

Those who may be under the influence of drugs — be it in the workplace or outside of it — may perform poorly compared to their co-workers. This can be detrimental in every work environment. The following is a guide regarding how human resources (HR) can utilise workplace drug tests.

What makes drug testing necessary?

One major reason drug tests should be implemented is to increase workplace safety. Those who are under the influence of drugs may not be aware of their surroundings and may engage in behaviour that is deemed unsafe and inappropriate for a work environment.

It is important that any business’ HR personnel consider purchasing workplace drug testing kits through a reputable supplier such as Matrix Diagnostics. The ability to create a safe workplace is key to any organisation, this is made a great deal easier by the availability of a range of testing products that cater to different organisational needs and requirements.

What are the benefits of workplace drug testing?

There are several benefits that businesses will experience when workplace drug testing is implemented. Let’s take a look at the following:

Increased transparency

Firstly, it creates a sense of transparency for all levels of employees from the entry level to the upper level managers. Keep in mind that marijuana in the United Kingdom is legal for medicinal purposes.

Employees who are prescribed cannabis for medical reasons must notify HR accordingly. This is to ensure that all company HR will comply with the Employment Rights Act of 1996, which bars companies from discriminating or penalising employees who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Reduced drug use

Employee drug testing will encourage sobriety. Knowing that substance use will be detected, employees will be encouraged to reduce their usage or eliminate it altogether.

Increased productivity

Employees who are not under the influence of any substances will enjoy the benefit of increased productivity, so they will get the work done in a timely and quality fashion.

Better work safety

People are more comfortable working in a safe environment. As all business employees are aware of their surroundings, they will have better judgement and make more sound decisions.

Employee drug testing creates a positive work environment

While an employee drug testing program has its benefits, it can come with challenges. Yet, it will indicate to employers which prospective employees it should hire and who not to hire. As someone in HR, you are in a position to make critical employment decisions. Drug testing as part of a pre-employment screening can help to prevent any future issues.

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