How to choose an accounting firm for Your Start-up

Start-up’s or small businesses seems to be facing very challenging times in the upcoming times due to Covid-19. The 2020 pandemic has brought severe financial instability and a global recession with it, which will undoubtedly take a while to recover.

It is undoubtedly more critical now than it has ever been for companies to guarantee that their finances are in order.

For business owners, an accounting firm can help in eliminating the burden from these processes.

Some individuals prefer to do it themselves, but as a company or an organization expands, it will consume a lot of business owners and feel about investing their time in their expertise area. So, it is a better idea to outsource accounting issues to the accounting firms who deal it every day.

Below-mentioned is some helpful tips and tricks to select the correct accountant for your start-up:

Do your research carefully.

It’s not a wise idea to go for the first result on a Google search when selecting an accountant for your start-up.

The largest and most well-known company might not be the best match for a start-up. An individual must look at a firm’s practices that are the right fit for him and whose standards align with him as every business owner needs to partner with someone who recognizes the problems faced by start-ups.

It could be a smart idea to hire an Accountant who can advise clients in the same sector.

It is always advisable to ask them if they have been operating with the same scale and sector comparable to yours.

Ask for referrals

You can ask for referrals to select the right accounting firm for your start-up. Word-of-mouth can be very helpful in finding the right accounting firm. You can speak to family members, other company owners in your circle, colleagues or friends. They might suggest a trusted accounting for your start-up.

Also, read the reviews which are available online, too. You can also make use of various social media platforms for this. LinkedIn is the best of all.

Treat it like the recruitment process

Consider it as a recruitment process by asking as many questions as you need to. Engaging an accountant is an important decision and is not inexpensive, so you need to make sure you make a sound choice.

In addition to asking them about their previous experience, You may also ask them what services they can give you now and how that will change as the start-up expands.

Technical expertise

The emerging technology is a major plus if the accounting firm that an individual select is familiar with them. As a result of which accounting activities will become more comfortable and efficient. If someone looking for an accounting firm to do cloud computing, make sure they have the cloud computing skills they need.

Proactive and experienced

A successful accounting firm can do far more than keep an eye on accounts actively to ensure that annual tax adherence is complete.

They should have their ear to the ground and find ways of maximizing their revenue and raising money.

For example, they should know about the new tax reduction measures and help you find investments, sell shares and find grants. Make sure that your accountant can be constructive and dynamic.

Goal Setting

Several accountants offer to help clients set targets and monitor financial progress, which can be very beneficial for a start-up. Search for accounting firms who are ready to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

Also, find out the company’s goal-setting strategy and whether an extra fee for the service will be charged or not.


Accountants provide different levels of commitment for various needs, so don’t be afraid to inquire about what the fees cover.

Ensure you know who is dealing with your account regularly, and if that changes, make sure they know how to update you.


Any business owner needs to have someone who can provide timely, specific, and beneficial advice during your company’s life, from start to finish. But it is a vital business decision to choose the best certified and licensed accountant to provide the right suggestions for the business. So, the above mentioned are some tips for selecting the right accounting firm for your start-up.

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