Justifying Corporate Jet Charter inside a Lower Economy

Within this Business economy, there’s only two methods to assist the ‘Bottom line’… (1) Spend less and (2) Boost productivity. And… there are just (2) methods to have the employees travel corporately… by air or by vehicle.

I haven’t got to let you know the reason a lot of companies avoid using Jet Charter services are the price. Attempting to ‘Justify’ that ‘Luxury Cost Tag’ to folks at the very top is much like selling planet in Saudi Arabia.

By perception, it is simply not really a fit.

But here’s the company ‘Reality’. Should you ask any CFO exactly what a 200K executive should lead to the organization, it is going become more that 200K. That’s known as a ‘Productivity factor’… and everybody from the foot of the org chart to the peak has one. And also the more you are making, the greater your factor is.

Information mill literally losing 1000s of dollars each year by not analyzing the ‘Comprehensive costs’ connected with corporate Travel expense, Executive Productivity and Destination Logistics.

Regional Business Travel by Vehicle

84% of U.S. business journeys are regional and 80% of individuals are by vehicle 200 – 400 miles driven one-way. Are all of your mid-level or high-level executives jumping inside a vehicle to obtain from ‘Point A to suggest B?’ Then I haven’t got to let you know that spending 7-14 hrs ‘On the Road’ only for 1 business meeting isn’t a use of the executive’s time… especially if they’re salaried within the 6-figures.

Here is a real example. Chartering a King Air Jet prop plane for several executives traveling by vehicle to two business destinations @ 200 miles per travel leg would save over 12 hrs of cumulative Executive time.

This is a Time machine Savings with Worker Productivity Worth of over $12,000… $12,736 to become exact.

And that is not counting returning within 24 hours when they desired to.

The Organization Travel Return on investment Simulator can evaluate all corporate travel by vehicle with your own internal ‘Business rules’… enabling you to rapidly determine the best vehicle of travel for your particular business mission due to who’s traveling and why.

Traditional Air travel Travel

All of us comprehend the inconvenience with traditional air travel travel. So we all remember once the CEO’s from the Big 3 auto makers individually travelled into Washington within their big corporate Jets to ‘ask for additional money’. Undoubtedly they ‘Didn’t possess a clue’ from the Pr perspective. But ‘Politics aside’, here’s the interesting part from your overall business equation.

Let us take that very same Detroit to Washington trip and compare traditional Air travel visit charter Jet travel inside a mid-size Jet. The Organization Travel Return on investment Simulator compared first class air travel travel for that GM Chief executive officer making 2.two million in salary and getting to create 1 intermediate stop with an 519 mile air travel trip.

And also the ‘Productivity Factor’ business rule is placed to some multiple of (5.7), that is a conservative factor with different mid-level executive.

Within this travel scenario, the organization Travel Return on investment Simulator implies that there’s a period machine Savings with Worker Productivity Worth of over $63,000… $63,426 to become exact.

As being a baseball club having a superstar making $150,000 per game… they do not want that guy ‘Sitting around the bench’. They need him out in the game or perhaps in the ‘Batting box’.

Because whenever you recover 9 hrs of the CEO’s productivity time… it is something you are able to really ‘put your Finger on’ and eventually justify it. Which applies to other executives which are greater on the org chart, minimally within the 6-figure salary range.

And just what concerning the PR proceed to appease the general public outcry by succumbing to some 9-hour hybrid vehicle ride on his next visit to Washington?

Within this travel scenario, the organization Travel Return on investment Simulator shows there’s a period machine Savings with Worker Productivity Worth of over $133,000… $133,235 to become exact.

Since you recover 12 hrs of the executive’s productivity time… and Time truly is Money.

A ‘Business Tool’ for the Corporate Travel Making Decisions Process

No COST Corporate Travel Return on investment Simulator enables corporate travel decision makers to sit down lower and employ a Quantitative method of corporate business travel total expenses using a mix of cost factors, travel logistics and worker Productivity factors.

Simply, it signals you when custom Jet Charter makes more ‘Bottom line’ business sense than tradition air travel or auto travel… and more importantly… journeys could be individually documented and legitimately ‘Justified in the TOP’.

Shaun Hardesty is President of JDH Group, Corporation. and developer from the Corporate Travel Return on investment Simulator. He provides companies with an absolutely free Corporate Travel Simulator, a ‘Business tool’ that compares Travel Cost, Executive Productivity and Destination Logistics and suggests ‘alternative travel vehicles’ when destination Logistics and executive Time compensate more than a ‘Line item’ travel cost.

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