Online gambling is the #1 cutthroat marketing niche

Those in the know will say there’s no competition like igaming competition. It’s a known fact that gambling-related search terms are at the very top of the pile when it comes to PPC costs in Google Ads (until recently known as Adwords). This is due to incredible value of a player, that can exceed thousands of dollars. And online casinos are competing for each one. If you’re looking for the most challenging playing field to refine your marketing skills – igaming is it.

The recent global pandemic further strengthened the case for online gambling as physical locations saw closures or reductions in capacity. Furthermore, the players themselves were locked up and had to find something to do from the pleasure – or lack thereof – of their own home. Enter the 2020 online gambling boom.

As more players flocked to gamble online, the cutthroat playing field got even more serious. Operators are using every trick in the book in an effort to get that whale – as the high-value player is called.

PPC bids are getting ridiculous

There is probably no other niche in which a term such as best live casinos can have a bid on Google Ads north of $100, but in online gambling this is a common sight. Due to vast player data, the operators very well know which player would be the most valuable and what is it that he’s searching for in Google.

Google Ads isn’t all there is to it

In few if any industries we can see such a range of weapons as is used to get ahead of the competition in the online gambling marketing game. Companies don’t only compete with each other on Google Ads with higher PPC bids, as that would make no sense, but are trying to beat the competitor in many other ways.

All companies employ some sort of a SEO team that drives them organic traffic, and some are more successful than others. There are several notable companies such as 888 Casino that are really good at this, and are continually finding ways to get some “free” organic traffic as opposed to paying the PPC cost.

One of the main ways for online casinos to gain more authoritative backlinks and exposure to player base is various deals with many websites dedicated to online gambling. This is, however, among the most expensive ways to get a player as the casino must pay some sort of a bounty for every player acquired.

Offline marketing

Of course, the best-case scenario for an online casino is to also have a physical location – and some online casinos do take this seriously enough to actually start a land-based casino. The benefits are obvious, as a physical location resonates confidence and trust, and is a perfect platform for advertising online services.

Television remains a very strong channel for online gaming advertising, as it’s assumed people watch TV at home when they have nothing to do, and are prone to checking out the advertised product via their phone or computer if their interest is caught with the ad.

Various sponsorships of events, mostly football and poker, is also prevalent in the gambling industry, all in an attempt to get more brand recognition.

Truly, there is no other industry that uses the same range of different marketing tactics. If you think you got what it takes, apply for one of the many available igaming marketing jobs, and see for yourself! It’s a known fact that employees who have succeeded in the igaming marketing can get a job in any other marketing industry easily – as everyone knows it doesn’t get any tougher than igaming. It makes sense to add igaming to your budding CV. Good luck!

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