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Tips for Cooking Seafood – Mackerel

Mackerel is one of the cheapest fish to buy, and is widely available. It’s rich in nutrients, especially Omega – 3, and is very flexible and easily cooked. One interesting fact is that females lay eggs around 500.00 eggs at once, which even with a high mortality rate contributed a large number of fish fish. Meat can deteriorate quickly so as to ensure that they are fresh, or catch themselves, and cook the same day. They are not ideal fish to freeze, but considering they are not expensive you can buy the amount of occasional waste.

Tip 1. Cooking plain and simple mackerel

Very simple and simple. Only de-fin, clean and sliced ​​to the side to help cook and grill. Serve with a simple salad. The best fresh fish.

Tip 2. Traditional Hot Smoked Mackerel

One of the most common ways to serve Mackerel is smoking. You can do it easily and succeed if you connect fish, cold smoking is more difficult because it requires very accurate temperature control.

All you need is just a cake tray or skillet. Match the metal tray to keep fish from the bottom of the pan. You will need wooden shavings like oak and some flavores, it might be destroyed by berry juniper and a little spirit of your choice, a good single malt whiskey will go down well. Heat shavings and flavor to smoking, add the mackerel fillet on the metal tray raised and insert the lid, stay with very low heat, if necessary to raise the cooking ship, for about thirty minutes. Mackerel needs reach a minimum of 62 degrees Celsius in the thickest part of the fish.

Serve hot immediately, or cool and serve with salads. If you become interested in smoking, there are many cheap equipment on the market.

Tips on 3. cooking mackerel in a slightly different way

Why not spice up? You can use all the fish sliced ​​beside to take spices, or use fillets, select the combination of spices of your choice, it can be green or red chili based or one of the many mixed spices based on India. Just grilled until cooked and served with homemade gooseberry pickles and fried rice or noodles.

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