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Understand important things for successful marketing

Outbound marketing.

Marketing out is traditional marketing. It uses radio, television, magazines, leaflets, newspapers, and calls the correct random phonebook. Outbound marketing goals are blowing up your message to thousands of customers and hope your message sticks. Today you see the conversion rate with this type of marketing which is less than 1% and is often much lower. This type of marketing becomes increasingly difficult, the more saturated. Being an honest person has too many messages and finds a way to block most marketing out. When was the last time you bought something from leaflets at your door? How often do you stop your car to write number 1-800? Your customers are the same. They use DVRs to avoid watching advertisements, Tune Out during ads on the radio, and throw leaflets into the trash. People want value, and they don’t want to shout.

Inbound marketing.

Marketing Inbound is a marketing that focuses on drawing customers to you. Inbound marketing uses a marketing tool such as search engine optimization, social media optimization (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), email marketing, article marketing, and pay per click to draw in your customers. This is a marketing that focuses on not shouting at everyone, but finding customers who are looking for your products or services and provide value through content. Another very big advantage of inbound marketing is analytic. There are a number of services, a lot of free, which will allow you to track almost all parts of the data you might want to know. You can see clicks through rates, conversion rates, how long your customers see your material, even where on your ad page, your customers look first.

Which one should I use?

Statistics have shown that this is dawn marketing in. Marketing out still has a very large market share but has shrunk. Newspapers will come out of business, and traditional outbound marketing services are increasingly difficult to compete with good entry marketing strategies.

Do not take it wrong. I am not saying that outbound marketing cannot work. I just said that for most of the marketing marketing applications would allow better tracking, better customization, and better performance if done correctly. I have talked to many business owners. Usually those who use marketing out do not track how many people see advertisements actually buy products at all. Many don’t even know how many people see advertisements. How can you succeed?

Where inbound marketing usually fails?

Obviously there are many reasons why marketing can fail. Usually when marketing enters it fails because of one of three reasons.

The first is an unrealistic budget. Many businesses have hope that you can spend $ 200 per month and within three months you will sweep thousands per month. This is very unrealistic.

The second reason is time and commitment. Marketing marketing can take 2 or 3 months to get off the ground. It takes time because you don’t use the Shotgun approach. You are building awareness, good content, and customer base. Tradeoff is that if done correctly when you build this customer base, you build a durable and repeat customers.

The third reason is poor marketing. Entering inbound is a little art form. Inbound marketers must have a good understanding of your business, competition, and customers. They also have to enter a lot of time to be successful. As inbound marketing is still not understood by most of the business, it is easy to mile – a hitch by the seller of snake oil.

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