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What are Cosmetic and D&C Pigments and their Various Uses?

In the beautiful world of cosmetics, a vast variety of cosmetic colors are used for creating a wide and colorful range of products like lipsticks, nail enamels, eye shadow, blusher, hair color products and so on. Reputed cosmetic pigment suppliers like Neelikon Colours Global offer synthetic or organic colors based on their client’s requirement, but seeking only high-quality colors. These cosmetic pigments and cosmetic dyes are readily used in the production of various cosmetic colorants.

Cosmetic pigments and d&c pigments manufacturers in India as well as all over the world strictly adhere to the rules & regulations for the production of cosmetic dyes. With several cosmetic pigment and colors to choose from, undoubtedly customers long for more and innovative products to add on to their cosmetic collection. Depending on the composition of the product, pigment colors are also used to manufacture products such as face wash, soaps, creams etc.

What types of pigments are often used in cosmetics?

Some inorganic pigments like chromium, ultramarine, iron oxides etc. are quite popular among reputed cosmetic product manufacturers like Neelikon Colours Global, one of the prime cosmetic pigment suppliers for more that thirty-five years. They produce high-quality organic as well as inorganic cosmetic colors, and d&c pigments for various sectors like – food, pharmaceuticals, personal & home care and stationary industries.

Usage of cosmetic pigments

With innovative research cosmetic pigments and cosmetic lakes have come a long way, brilliantly catering to the high demand for unique or better shades for various consumers. Nowadays, reputed brands are ready to invest heavily in extensive research & development labs.

Everyone loves to wear the best attire, along with the best makeup. This is the reason people like to experiment with different cosmetic colors to match their outfit. In the world of cosmetic, colors are used to indicate numerous things. The main idea behind is to mainly promote and sell amazing products like lipsticks and nail colors. Vibrant colors could be used to complement cosmetic product packaging colors too.

What are d&c colors?

D&C pigments (drugs & cosmetics) are also known as certified colors, and are popularly named as D&C. It means they are approved for use in cosmetics and drugs.

What are d&c pigments and dyes used for?

They can be used in a huge range of combinations to create and produce any color for cosmetic products. These cosmetic colorants are usually classified as – organic and inorganic. Colorful and attractive cosmetics help lighten and brighten; most women will not leave the house without using a little makeup on their cheek, lips, and eyes. Therefore, in other words, cosmetic pigments actually rule the cosmetic industry and makes it complete. They can be customized to meet the client’s specifications as well. The cosmetic-grade pigments are labeled as d&c.

Today, Neelikon Colours Global is one of the trusted producers of safety-compliant cosmetic pigments and more, because the company follows stringent workflows and rules to control heavy metals in cosmetic pigment and dyes. If you are looking for the best cosmetic pigment suppliers, choose Neelikon today.

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