What is your destination?

What is your destination? Reflect on this thought for a moment. As you think of your choice, you can not help but think about where you have been. Many have traveled a long trip to go to the point where they are now.

Where do you see six months, two years or twelve years? Do people you surround yourself to help you reach your destination? The books you read or the places you will help you during your trip?

Sit down and breathe for a moment. Are you happy where you are in your life? Do you want more? More than what? Is it the material gain or for your soul to prosper? Your destination and desires differ from others yet you are looking for their approval or contribution. How can they know and feel the desire for your life? Do not look for approval in others; It lies in your own soul.

Some awake without destination in mind. Their goal is to just be, just breathing, simply appreciate things right now.

Others could have you in their plan, in their reality, to meet their needs. Do not walk on this path. Drive your own path to your destination. Lenk an ear and a careful hand, but know that your goal is different. Make your mark where you need it the most.

The destination is more than going from point A to point B. The destination is timeless and consists of many physical and emotional changes, that is to say: Grow if you want. When you arrive at your destination, it will be at home. It will come naturally and you will feel at peace with a sense loving of joy once you have arrived. It’s not a job, but the pleasures of the soul. Once you have reached your destination, you might find another, and it never changes. As you grow up, your destination changes to adapt to where you are in your life.

The destination is a journey of the soul. This makes you meditate on the wonders of life along the way. It arouses a need for change in your soul and takes you from places where you have dreamed.

Some people plan their day and agenda is quite full. Some people wake up and ask, “Where am I the need for it?” It’s a huge and amazing world we live. Billions of people reach their destination while some are happy and happy to be just. The important thing about the destination is to reach. Reach for a dream, contact to help others and reach your soul and be grateful for everything around you. Your destination is your trip, no one else, but you should always encourage others along the way so they can reach their place too. Can love, happiness and prosperity are with you in your trip to your destination!

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