What To Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Gets Suspended

The global e-commerce industry has crossed USD 13 trillion in 2021 and is projected to cross USD 50 trillion by 2027. Amazon has emerged as one of the most prominent players in the global e-commerce market. It started its incredible journey to the top in July 1994 in a garage in Bellevue, Washington. According to Amazon’s founder, the company has a customer obsession as one of its core principles.

The Amazon Marketplace is one of the world’s best e-commerce platforms. Anyone who fulfills Amazon seller requirements can enlist as an Amazon seller. Amazon sellers usually do not have to pay anything upfront. They can enroll on Amazon’s website and pay a percentage of their sales proceeds to Amazon. It is a good deal for a seller. However, due to Amazon’s extreme focus on customer satisfaction, it has very little or no tolerance for poor seller performance about customer satisfaction. According to Amazon’s policy, an Amazon seller who has been suspended cannot do business through a new seller account. An Amazon seller account that has been broken can be reinstated with an Amazon suspend appeal. A proper request and remedies for the disputed issues led to Amazon suspend çözümü. The word Amazon suspend çözümü means a resolution of a suspended Amazon account.

Amazon Account Suspension

Instead of using the word customer satisfaction, the Amazon founder uses the word customer obsession. Therefore, a seller needs to be on point regarding customer satisfaction. An Amazon seller’s order defect rate/ complaint rate etc. needs to be below 1 percent. If the Amazon seller cannot meet this standard, their account could get suspended because of the Seller’s performance. There is no need to panic as you can communicate your remedial plan of action through Amazon suspend Appeal, which can result in Amazon suspend çözümü.

  • An Amazon seller must track their customer reviews. Amazon takes negative customer reviews very seriously. It also looks at other metrics like late shipments, order cancellations, etc.
  • An Amazon seller cannot last long in the Amazon portal with poor customer feedback and beyond a certain number of customer complaints.
  • A seller could also get suspended for below-standard Product Performance: This covers products reported to Amazon for quality issues, dispatch issues, delivery timelines, etc.
  • An Amazon seller could get suspended for selling counterfeit products. Amazon stops the Seller from enjoying his privileges till they are satisfied with the validity of the products they are selling and whether it infringes n another company’s brand name, logo, trademark, etc.
  • Amazon may also temporarily restrict a seller’s privileges. This could be due to the product, new Seller, or other issues.
  • Sellers might also be restricted if they are on vacation and cannot re-activate their accounts and product listings on Amazon.
  • ASIN Creation Privileges are restricted if any seller is found guilty of violating Amazon policies regarding adding new products.
  • An unknowing violation of Amazon’s policies, terms, or conditions by an Amazon seller.

Amazon Suspends Appeal And Amazon Suspend Çözümü

As aforesaid, Amazon suspend çözümü is the term for resolution and subsequent reactivation of an Amazon Sellers account.

  • Go to the Performance dropdown menu at Amazon Central.
  • Click on Performance notifications.
  • Open the suspension notice and read it carefully and repeatedly for clear understanding.
  • Do not panic. Be patient.
  • The first step you need to take after notification of suspension or actual suspension of your Amazon seller account is to understand the exact fault from which the suspension notification or the existing suspension of your account emanated.
  • Your next step is to formulate a plan of what remedial action you have to take to get your account reinstated. This needs to be done fast and with absolute focus.
  • After this, you have to communicate to Amazon about the remedial action you are taking to rectify your product’s nature, service offerings, change of logistics, etc., so that such complaints do not arise.
  • If Amazon says you violated a policy, your remedial action plan needs to communicate very clearly to Amazon that you know exactly what went wrong and that you are taking steps to remedy it.
  • It would help if you also communicated that you are changing your business or service methodology not to commit the same errors, violations, etc., again.
  • Recheck your plan of action or POA.
  • After this, browse and go to Amazon’s Seller Central.
  • Go to the Performance dropdown menu.
  • Click on Performance notifications.
  • Open the suspension notice and select Appeal.
  • Select the suitable Appeal decision from the menu and enter your POA or Plan of Action.
  • Type in your contact information to enable the concerned people to reach you.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Do not use multiple accounts, and do not create a new account until your old one is reinstated.

Get A Proper Mental Map.

Amazon needs sellers who can satisfy and delight customers as much as you need Amazon. Learn from your Amazon suspend Appeal and your Amazon suspend çözümü. Get yourself aligned with Amazon’s policy of customer obsession. Make your Amazon suspend Appeal a part of your new business re-engineering drawing board. It will help you take giant steps towards improving customer experience by leaps and bounds. It may be the shot in the arm you need in order to take your business to the next level.

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