Why it Makes Total Sense to Train the Trainer

People have always passed on knowledge to other people, that’s what makes the world go round and when you send an employee on a 5-day seminar, the aim is for them to dissipate this new knowledge to their colleagues when they return. This is all well and good and has worked for centuries, yet we often forget to train the trainer; often the information is not clearly presented and something is lost in the process, which is only natural.

Presenting Information

If you identify the key people in your organisation that train others, you can enrol them in online ‘train the trainer’ courses that will empower them to be better trainers, which will have a beneficial effect on the business.

Wide Range of Sectors

People train others in many sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Conflict management
  • Physical intervention
  • First aid & defibrillation
  • Health & safety
  • Infection & prevention
  • Manual handling

When you send your trainer to a short but intensive course, the aim is to relay that information to all your staff, using your trainer to pass on what they have learned and their performance is critical.

Essential Certification

Working with dementia patients, for example, requires certification and the train the trainer provider can give you the necessary certification to allow your staff to carry out their duties. When your trainers obtain the right certification, you know they have the skills to pass on valuable knowledge to your workforce on a wide range of topics.

Virtual Training

The pandemic has forced many businesses to deliver their services in a virtual environment and training your trainers can be done using video meetings, which achieves the same goals but costs much less as it is delivered virtually. The trainer can communicate with your employee(s) and can deliver a structured course, just as if they were all in the same room.

Advanced Health & Safety

Like most governments around the world, the UK has a complex set of health & safety rules for the workplace and if your trainers can hone their presentation skills, they will do a better job when it comes to educating your employees. The Level 4 Health & Safety compliance and with courses for manual handling and risk assessment, everything is covered.

Personal Development

Every employee wants the opportunity for personal development and that includes your trainers and with tailored courses put together by industry experts, your trainers will develop in many ways, performing to an optimum level.

Search online and empower your trainers and you won’t regret it.

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