Women Empowered Through Business Possession

Helen Reddy stated it very best in the 70s: “I’m lady, hear me roar, in figures too large to disregard…” The 70s might have had some bad clothes and disco music, however the 70s also opened up the doorway for ladies, and in lots of ways, grew to become the last decade from the Lady.

Ladies have become empowered during the last thirty to forty years in wide selection of ways, but among the greatest ways ladies have become empowered is thru business possession.

The data on lady-owned companies are impressive and empowering enough by themselves:

Women In Business:

By 2008, there have been 10.a million firms of women. (Possession is understood to be owning 50% or even more of the company.)

These companies employ over 13 million people, and (by 2008) had generated $1.9 trillion in sales.

Women-owned companies constitute over 40% of independently held companies.

1 in 5 companies reporting revenue more than $a million is really a lady-owned business.

3% of companies of women report revenue of $a million or even more.

Based on score.org, 69% of ladies are more inclined to seek business advice than their male counterparts. Only 47% of males will seek advice. (Performs this really surprise anybody, provide the whole “men will not request directions” factor?!)

Women-owned business happen to be growing at two times the speed of U.S. companies.

Women Of Color And Business Possession:

Women of color owned 1.9 million companies in 2008.

These companies generate $165 billion in revenue yearly, and worker 1.two million people.

Between 2002 and 2008, women of color owned companies increased more rapidly than every other independently held companies.

Clearly, women really are a very entrepreneurial group! Research has lengthy proven that ladies have the capability multi-taskers, effective problem solvers, creative in methods to many facets of daily existence, and therefore are frequently the financial planners in your own home. These unique skills have given themselves superbly towards the empowerment of ladies through business possession.

Women frequently create effective companies simply because they have identified a necessity via a specific group of conditions. Ladies have produced proper hair care products particularly because of the insufficient products they need or want and should not find. Mother’s Helpers and residential Fairies came into being because ladies have lengthy wanted that “they’d a wife.” Niche companies produced for women by women are hugely effective due to the fact women recognize other women on the very specific level.

There are lots of possibilities these days to have an enterprising lady to build up her very own business, small or big.

Within an article by ask.org, all six of these start-up business ideas were marked as “Hot Markets For Small Companies:”

eBay drop-off sites

Internet Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing

Performance Apparel

Niche Physical fitness

Technology Security Talking to

Service/Products For that Hispanic Market

However, their email list for beginning your personal business is actually endless. Have a look surrounding you and find out if there’s a business need that may be filled.

Other suggestions for women-owned companies include:


Free-lance content creation for online business promotions

Gourmet Food production and purchasers (Think Mrs. Field’s cookies!)

Personalized Gourmet Gift Basket Sales

Resume Writing


Pet Sitters

Website Design


Online Internet Affiliate Marketing

Online Marketing Mentoring and training

A number of these business ideas could be began with little capital. Not every companies have a large investment for start-up costs. Most of the ideas in the above list can be achieved at home without any employees with no expenses for example rent, insurance, additional utilities, etc. And, many work-from-home companies are titled to some tax break because you use your house being an office.

If beginning your personal business is attractive to you, or beginning your own house-based business is definitely an idea you would like becoming a reality, then choose a direction, research what you should enable you to get began, and join the countless other women who’ve been empowered through business possession!

There is really something to that particular “I’m lady, hear me roar,” song. Thanks, Helen Reddy!

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